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Terms & Conditions 

The Lumière Sculpture Festival is an outdoor sculpture competition held at Gap Park, Watsons Bay NSW. This competition is open to artists and sculptors, both emerging and established, who wish to showcase their creativity in the form of outdoor sculptures. The following terms and conditions outline the rules and guidelines for participating in the Lumière Sculpture Festival.

For the purpose of the Lumière Sculpture Festival, sculpture is defined as a freestanding, non-site specific, three-dimensional object or pending approval by the committee, a mounted object.

The exhibition will take place from the Gap Park viewing platform Watson's Bay to Lighthouse Reserve Vaucluse. Finalists works will be placed along this route curated by the Lumière Sculpture Festival committee.

2. Eligibility
The competition is open to all individuals or teams of artists, both professional and emerging.
Entrants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission.
All entries must be the original work of the submitting artist and must have been designed or completed within two year prior to April 2024.
There is no limit to the number of entries an artist can submit. A separate application form and entry fee must accompany each entry. Only one work per artist may be shown in the exhibition.

3. Submission Guidelines
The maximum dimensions for submitted sculptures must not exceed 180cm in any direction.
The maximum weight of any submitted sculpture should not exceed 100kg and must allow for ease of mobility
All submissions must include high-resolution images of the sculpture, along with a CV, artist statement and all relevant contact information.
The submission deadline is January 27 2024 and late submissions will not be considered.
A non-refundable entry fee of $40 must accompany each entered work. Entry fees contribute towards the cost of staging the Festival. Lumière Sculpture Festival is run by Lumiére Sculpture Festival Inc, a non for profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of cultural initiatives contributing to positive community outcomes.

If you have an entry that sits outside these guidelines contact the festival organisers directly to see if it is eligible for entry

4. Selection and Judging
A panel of judges will evaluate all submissions based on originality, creativity, artistic merit, and suitability for outdoor display.
The judges' decisions are final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding their decisions.
Shortlisted artists will be notified by mid February 2024.

5. Exhibition and Display
The selected sculptures will be displayed throughout Gap Park to Lighthouse Reserve during the Lumière Sculpture Festival exhibition, which will take place from 18-28 April 2024. The placement of artworks will be at the discretion of Lumière Sculpture Festival in accordance with Woollahra Municipal Council. If you have an idea about exhibiting in a specific position please contact us directly
Artists are responsible for the delivery and installation of their sculptures at Gap Park during the designated installation period.
All sculptures must be securely and safely installed to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
Detailed installation and delivery information must be included with the artwork submission. See condition 9 for more information

6. Sales and Commissions
All artworks will be offered for sale. Sales commission of 30% will apply to all works sold. Artists represented by galleries will share this commission with their representing gallery.

7. Copyright and Ownership
Artists retain the copyright and ownership of their submitted sculptures.
By entering the competition, artists grant the Lumière Sculpture Festival the right to photograph and publish images of their work for promotional and documentation purposes.

8. Awards and Prizes
The Lumière Sculpture Festival 2024 judging panel will select a group of finalists who will be exhibited throughout Gap Park.
There will be two rounds of judging. The first round will be a pre-selection process by a qualified panel of three judges.
It is anticipated that approximately 30 sculptures will be selected for the exhibition by the pre-selection process.
Prizes will be announced and presented to the winning artists during the exhibition's opening event. A peoples choice prize will be announced at the conclusion of the Festival.
Details of the awards, including prizes and categories, will be announced on the Lumière Sculpture Festival website.

9. Liability
Artists' Responsibility for Installation:
All participating artists are solely responsible for the installation, display, and maintenance of their submitted sculptures during the Lumière Sculpture Festival exhibition. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the following:
a. Secure Installation:
Artists must ensure that their sculptures are securely and safely installed at Gap Park. This includes the use of appropriate installation methods and materials to withstand outdoor weather conditions, ensuring that the sculpture does not pose any harm or danger to the public.
b. Installation Timeframe:
Artists are required to deliver and install their sculptures during the designated installation period, which will be communicated to them in advance. It is imperative that artists adhere to the provided schedule.
c. Installation Assistance:
Artists are responsible for arranging any assistance, equipment, or resources necessary for the installation of their sculptures. The Lumière Sculpture Festival organising committee will not provide installation support.

No Responsibility for Artworks:
The Lumière Sculpture Festival organising committee, Gap Park, and any affiliated parties shall not assume any responsibility for the submitted sculptures. This includes but is not limited to:
a. Loss or Damage:
The Lumière Sculpture Festival organising committee will not be responsible for any loss, theft, damage, vandalism, or any other harm that may occur to the sculptures during the exhibition. Artists are strongly encouraged to arrange appropriate insurance coverage for their artworks if deemed necessary.
b. Public Safety:
Artists must ensure that their sculptures are not hazardous to the public, are structurally sound, and do not present any safety risks. The Lumière Sculpture Festival organising committee reserves the right to remove any sculpture that is considered unsafe or unsuitable for public display.
c. Maintenance:
Artists are responsible for maintaining their sculptures throughout the exhibition. Any repairs, upkeep, or necessary adjustments must be handled by the artists themselves.

11. Agreement to Terms and Conditions
By submitting an entry to the Lumière Sculpture Festival, artists agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
By submitting an entry to the Lumiére Sculpture Festival, artists acknowledge and accept these responsibilities and understand that no liability will be assumed by the Lumière Sculpture Festival organising committee or associated entities for the submitted sculptures, their installation, maintenance, or any issues arising from the exhibition.

It is imperative that participating artists exercise diligence and care in the preparation, installation, and presentation of their sculptures to ensure a safe and successful exhibition.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, and any updates will be communicated through the Lumière Sculpture Festival website. Participants are encouraged to review the website for the most current information.
For any inquiries or additional information, please contact

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